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Optimising a Fusarium solani Biofilm Formation Protocol in Vitro

Marwan Y. Al-Maqtoofi

American Journal of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology. 2018, 6(2), 62-65 doi:10.12691/ajidm-6-2-5
  • Figure 1. Schematic representation of different phases of Fusarium solani biofilm development from (0 to 24 hr)
  • Figure 2. Development of Fusarium solani biofilm on a flat-bottomed well of microtitre plate before staining with crystal violet after (A) 24 hr, and (B) 48 hr
  • Figure 3. Comparison of two wavelengths for quantification biofilm formation. (A) absorbance after 1 min, (B) after 10 min. NS= non-significant
  • Figure 4. Comparison of destaining times (1 min and 10 min) quantification biofilm formation. (A) absorbance at 570nm, and (B) absorbance at 595nm. Significance indicate: **< 0.05