Figure 1. DNA polymorphism using Inter simple sequence (ISSRs) repeats using five primers (A14, A44, A88, B88, B98) for two potato varieties (Silana and Daimont). The control represents untreated tubers of Silana (1) and Diamont (2), where as the other groups of tubers are treated with different doses of gamma irradiation (10and 30 Gy). Silana irradiated by 10 Gy (3) and Diamont irradiated by 10 and 30 Gy(4 & 5)


Morphological, Physiological and Molecular Changes in Solanum tuberosum L. in Response to Pre-sowing Tuber Irradiation by Gamma Rays

N. Hamideldin, O.S. Hussien

American Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2013, 1(3), 36-41 doi:10.12691/ajfst-1-3-5