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Frequency Domain Comparison of Multi-lump and Distributed Parameter Models for Pressurized Water Reactor Cores

Taipeng Zhang, Keith E. Holbert

American Journal of Energy Research. 2013, 1(1), 17-24 doi:10.12691/ajer-1-1-3
  • Figure 1. Five fuel and ten coolant lumps reactor core model; *only one out of ten coolant and one out of five fuel feedback paths are shown
  • Figure 2. Distributed-parameter model of a PWR
  • Figure 3. Overall block diagram of the PWR distributed parameter model
  • Figure 4. Zero-power reactor transfer function
  • Figure 5. Power to reactivity transfer function
  • Figure 6. Low frequency δP/δρext gain from both models
  • Figure 7. Fuel temperature to power transfer function
  • Figure 8. Fuel temperature to reactivity transfer function
  • Figure 9. Block diagram of the coolant flow in the multi-lump model
  • Figure 10. Overall transfer function for coolant flow delay through the core
  • Figure 11. Coolant temperature to heat production transfer function
  • Figure 12. Coolant temperature to reactivity transfer function
  • Figure 13. Coolant temperature to fuel temperature transfer function
  • Figure 14. Power to coolant inlet temperature transfer function