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Design of Robust PID Power System Stabilizer for Multimachine Power System Using HS Algorithm

D. K. Sambariya, R. Prasad

American Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2015, 3(3), 75-82 doi:10.12691/ajeee-3-3-3
  • Table 1. Ten-machine thirty nine-bus power system plants
  • Table 2. The harmony search tuned PID parameters for ten generators of plant 1-4
  • Table 3. Representation of least damped EMOs with damping factor and frequency in Hz of all ten generators for plant 1 to 4
  • Table 4. Settling time of Speed response of different generators of different plants 1-4
  • Table 5. Performance indices (ITAE, IAE & ISE) based analysis of test system with controllers (FPSS, HSPIDPSS) & with No-PSS