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Biometric-based Attendance System: LASU Epe Campus as Case Study

O. Shoewu, N.T. Makanjuola, S.O. Olatinwo

American Journal of Computing Research Repository. 2014, 2(1), 8-14 doi:10.12691/ajcrr-2-1-2
  • Figure 1. Various biometric modalities: Fingerprints, Speech, Handwriting, Facial Recognition, Hand Geometry and Chemical Biometrics
  • Figure 2. Fingerprint Classes: (a) Tended Arch (b) Arch (c) Right Loop (d) Left Loop (e) Whorl
  • Figure 3. Flowchart for Attendance management system
  • Figure 4. Attendance form
  • Figure 5. Administrative course form
  • Figure 6. Student Registration form
  • Figure 8. Lecturers Registration form
  • Figure 9. Attendance Report Form
  • Figure 10. Comparison of Success and Failure Rate
  • Figure 11. Attendance Form (Match of fingerprint)
  • Figure 12. Attendance form (Non-match of fingerprint)
  • Figure 13. Comparison of Manual Attendance with Attendance Management System