Figure 8. Electron micrograph of liver section of diabetic rats treated daily with ACV showing a hepatocyte with mitochondria (M) in the form of rounded configuration, rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER) in the form of parallel cisternal localization near the nuclear envelope are scattered into the cytoplasm. The nucleus (N) with distinct regular nuclear envelope and nucleoplasm with euchromatin and heterochromatin (X. 3600)


Apple Cider Vinegar (as a Prophetic Medicine Remedy) Exerts Tissue-protective Effects in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetes in Animals

Nassar Ayoub Abdellatif Omar, Amal Nor Edeen Ahmad Allithy, Nahed Mohammed Hablas, Ahmed Ragab Fakhreldin, Reham Abelsalam Mariah, Ahmed Osama Hammouda, Mongi Ayat, Sayed Mostafa, Mostafa Abu-el Naga, Salah Mohamed El Sayed

American Journal of Cancer Prevention. 2018, 6(1), 9-16 doi:10.12691/ajcp-6-1-3