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Finite Element Analysis for the Modelling of Building Structures in Three Dimensional Schemes

Czeslaw Miedzialowski, Joanna Kretowska

American Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture. 2014, 2(4), 143-148 doi:10.12691/ajcea-2-4-4
  • Figure 1. The building structure and loads scheme
  • Figure 2. Shield state and plate state of building structure elements: a) shield state, b) plate state
  • Figure 3. Finite element which describes shield and plate state
  • Figure 4. Three-dimensional joint model a) interconnections between 8-node spatial joint element and wall elements, b) 8-node spatial joint element
  • Figure 5. Graph of the shape function N3
  • Figure 6. Model of the approximated elastic half-space
  • Figure 7. Soil.-structure interaction system
  • Figure 8. Analyzed computational schemes
  • Figure 9. The horizontal projection of the building and the measuring points location
  • Figure 10. Diagrams of analyzed building settlement