Figure 4. (a) The melanin content reduction with the increase in the concentration coumarin treatment on the melanin biosynthesis. The results are expressed as percentages of control, and the data are the mean±S.E.M. of at least three determinations. (**p < 0.05) (b) The viability of B16 melanocytes during the coumarin treatments. Cells were treated over the indicated time (from 0hrs to 24hrs) with 18μM of coumarin. The viability was evaluated by MTT assay and represented as percentages of control. The data are the mean±S.E.M. of assay triplicates.


Coumarin, a Lead Compound of Warfarin, Inhibits Melanogenesis via Blocking Adenylyl Cyclase

Dong-Chan Kim, Seong-Hwan Rho, Dongjin Kim, Sung In Kim, Chul-Soo Jang, Jae Ki Ryu, Byung Weon Kim, Chang Oh Kweon, Hyun-kyung Kim, Suk Jun Lee

American Journal of Biomedical Research. 2013, 1(3), 43-47 doi:10.12691/ajbr-1-3-1