Figure 2. The predicted binding mode of coumarin to mAC. (A). Two best docking solutions of coumarin (stick, white colored) are visualized on the mAC structure (ribbon). For comparison, the crystallographic conformations of forskolin (FSK) and MANT-GTP are also displayed (lines). (B and C). Each docked coumarin molecule is visualized with the electrostatic potential mapped on the surface of mAC. The docked molecules are viewed from the center of the binding pocket space. The calculation was done by PyMOL using AMBER99 vacuum electrostatic potential.


Coumarin, a Lead Compound of Warfarin, Inhibits Melanogenesis via Blocking Adenylyl Cyclase

Dong-Chan Kim, Seong-Hwan Rho, Dongjin Kim, Sung In Kim, Chul-Soo Jang, Jae Ki Ryu, Byung Weon Kim, Chang Oh Kweon, Hyun-kyung Kim, Suk Jun Lee

American Journal of Biomedical Research. 2013, 1(3), 43-47 doi:10.12691/ajbr-1-3-1