Discoveries in physics Can Explain our Thoughts and acts

Delik D. Gabaev

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Discoveries in physics Can Explain our Thoughts and acts

Delik D. Gabaev

A.V.Zirmunsky Institute of Marine Biology, Far Eastern Branch, Russian academy of science, Vladivostok, Russia


A good knowledge of mechanisms of operation of such a complex machine as human brain became urgently demanded for solving many problems in medicine and engineering. Nevertheless, modern metering instruments allow observing only blood flows and activation in certain regions of the brain, whereas the way in which thoughts and acts are formed in it remains a closely guarded secret. In the present article, I used the long-term psychological observation and members of my family, and also results of experiments with the metal conductors covered with various materials and including of bone glue, promoting decrease of resistance to an electric current. The received results allow using discoveries in physics to explain mechanisms of intuition and unconscious behavior; these findings can be probably applied for constructing of devices that would save many human lives. The level of modern engineering may facilitate and accelerate introduction of these appliances in everyday life.

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  • Gabaev, Delik D.. "Discoveries in physics Can Explain our Thoughts and acts." American Journal of Applied Psychology 3.1 (2015): 6-10.
  • Gabaev, D. D. (2015). Discoveries in physics Can Explain our Thoughts and acts. American Journal of Applied Psychology, 3(1), 6-10.
  • Gabaev, Delik D.. "Discoveries in physics Can Explain our Thoughts and acts." American Journal of Applied Psychology 3, no. 1 (2015): 6-10.

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1. Introduction

In the scientific society, the current century is called the Century of Brain Studies; the EU and US governments have allotted significant means for conducting necessary experiments [1]. The existing instruments enable researcher only to detect activity of certain brain regions involved in solving certain tasks. Even now, there are no means to register activity of certain neuron chains, which determine perception, memory, complex behavior, and other cognitive functions [2]. I suggest approaching to this problem from the other side, by applying findings in physics. Numerous well-known hypotheses in physics—the private relativity theory, quantum mechanics, and string theory—already got their experimental substantiations and are frequently used in practice. Recently discovery conditions of a matter personify the fact that Albert Einstein named «illusive long-range action». In well-known article 1935 A. Einstein, B. Podolski and N. Rozen have paid attention to that fact, that the quantum theory assumes "illusive" communication between particles, such as electron, - the phenomenon which we name today «quantum entangled». We can translate our problem of quantum entangled on language of a gravitational problem and take advantage of all to that in the theory of strings has been thought up for understanding of the processes occurring in black holes and the same theory offers absolutely unexpected approach to a superconductivity problem [3].

Live organisms also are connected through physical laws of the Universe [4] and are subject to the same physical forces that have effect on nonliving objects also. As it follows from the restricted theory of relativity, time depends on the speed of body’s movement, and an astronaut in a rocket is getting older slower than his twin brother. According to this theory nonliving objects on Earth are in the future time; living creatures, in the present time; and those in space at high speeds, in the past. During a dream, at the stage of rapid eye movement (REM), human body is not much different from nonliving objects. at this stage the human consciousness and, probably, the entire organism is in the future, and consciousness easier perceives information from the future [5]. Therefore, in dream we sometimes see emotive scenes, which subsequently come true in reality. For example, D. Mendeleyev saw the periodic system of elements in his dream, and F. Kekule, after seeing in dream a snake bite its own tail, could correctly draw the structural formula of benzene ring. In literature, there are many examples of prophetic dreams that came true after a while. Often enough obvious or veiled contents of dreams come true after a while at me and my wife. If the person only during of dream REM can see the future picture, the videocamera can always fix the future events. For reception of emotionally painted plot it is necessary to reduce resistance to an electromagnetic field of all its details. To reduce resistance of details of a videocamera it is possible by a covering of conductors of bone glue, and for its hermetic sealing from above it is necessary drift of rubber glue [5]. However, we sometimes feel future situation even being in the waking state or we feel emotionally painted events occurring at a great distance from us. Probably, our thoughts and unconscious behaviour are response to forthcoming event. It is possible to present proofs of ability of the person to foresee the future situations and to sense during the waking state an event essence in far the events, capable to affect its thoughts and acts.

2. Methods

After in the morning I have seen a dream with emotionally painted event and it in accuracy has repeated in the evening, I have think about of the mechanism of this phenomenon. Almost at right away I have understood, than it is possible to explain the fact, that in a dream the weak signal from the future gets through the closed eyes and is fixed in memory. From the private theory of a relativity follows, that between speed of movement and time it is observed there is an inverse relationship. The faster speed of movement, the is more strongly slowed down time and on the contrary. Well-known, that the stage of a dream with rapid movement of eyes (REM) as much as possible approaches the person to lifeless object. Hence speed of its vital processes operated consciousness, at most is slowed down and, hence, the consciousness find oneself in future time. However that the weak electromagnetic signal from the future has got through the closed eyes, a brain and was fixed in occipital area very high conductivity of neurons is necessary. And I had an idea, that the increase conductivity of neurons a brain is promoted by skull bones. They shield of neurons from the extraneous electromagnetic waves causing fluctuations of ions in axoplasm of neurons. These fluctuations of ions lead to collision with electrons therefore in neurons there is a resistance to an electric current. For confirmation of this idea I have dipped some types of metal conductors into the fused of bone glue and after its drying it has appeared, that resistance in conductors strongly falls, and in the conductors containing iron, it decreases to zero. These results have been processed statistically and they have prove to be authentic [5]. During of the life I had telepathic contacts to the favourite woman which were dreamt by the person sleeping nearby. In a condition of love I for thousand kilometres received the sensations which mechanism it is possible to explain only discovery in the physicist and which influenced my thoughts and acts. Numerous cases of a correct prediction of the future during wakefulness [6-9][6] have suggested an idea me, that the information from the future can receive and those sites of a brain which during this moment are not active (are in a dream). For confirmation of this idea I have summarized psychological observation of our family in various vital situations and have collected the publications of other researchers concerning this problem.

3. Results and Discussion

The purpose of the presented work was generalisation of the available scientific literature and own observation, and also carrying out of the experiments proving existence of superconductivity at neurons of a brain owing to bones of a skull, protecting from an external electromagnetic field. Presence of hot superconductivity at neurons allows to catch weak signals from the future of sleeping sites of a brain and these signals influence our unconscious behaviour.

In my childhood I felt very excited shortly before my father found that his lottery ticket was winning. At examinations I often knew where the lie ticket necessary to me. Quite often I suddenly recall the person that I have not seen for a long time, and the following day or a little later I encounter him or her on the street. Sometimes a few days before a problem in the water supply system appears I begin thinking of it; and my friend, a security guard felt worry about losing his handgun in the toilet room just before he forgot it there. Cases of premonition of worrisome events are quite common in literature: as an example, it is just enough to read the description of Washington Pythia’s life [6]. The US President John F. Kennedy had a bad feeling when going to Texas, and only a sense of duty compelled him to make this trip. The actuality of anticipation of future events is proved by numerous experiments, such as those set up by Daryl Bem of the Cornell University [7], Evgeny Rodimin from the Moscow University [8], and the English psychologist Dean Reydin [9]. However, not only extraordinary events and experiences with images can occur in everyday life.

When psychologists try to analyze our thinking, they often come to an astonishing conclusion: people usually take decisions almost without thinking, or rather even before thinking about it consciously. S. Freid in the majority of the works considered consciousness as rational thinking and emotions, and unconscious as something irrational, but modern cognitive psychologists do not make such polar division. It has appeared, that both types of thought processes help us to adapt for the varying environment, providing a survival at the expense of a throw of mental efforts to the decision of the actual problem, allowing in days of the Stone Age to hunt on mastodon, in the Middle Ages to participate in knightly tournaments, and in a new millenium competently to dispose of actions Apple [10]. In contrast to the ideas by S. Freyd, the amount of information collected to date clearly shows that the influence of the unconscious on our judgments, desires, emotions, and behavior is of great importance for the entire society and for everyday life of each of us. It is always present in our lives, whether we are asleep at the moment, or awake [10]. Even at the coma state the pattern of brain activity remains substantially the same as that of healthy individuals [11]. It would be more correct to say that our subconscious controls us, creating the illusion of conscious control [4]. Unconscious perception of stimulus can be enough for formation of the purpose without that any understanding as it has arisen, conscious considering or displays of free will [10].

I assume that the possibility of the sense of future sensations in human and probably in other creatures appears due to the fact that there are regions in the brain, which are “asleep” during its waking hours. Numerous experiments based on fMRI revealed activation of only those brain regions that are responsible for execution of the currently required actions [12, 13].

Cases with sleeping regions of the brain occur in living beings rather frequently. For example, cerebral hemispheres in dolphins and other marine mammals, which have to resurface frequently to breath, sleep by turns, so that one of the hemispheres is always awake. Human also has truly dormant regions of the brain while being awake [14], and physical interlacing of different sensory regions of a brain and the interchangeability of brain structures may contribute to this [15].

It can be concluded that these dormant brain regions are in the future time and already know about future events. Emotionally charged events, which bring a strong electromagnetic charge from the future, exert an especially strong effect on them. After receiving it, the brain begins processing the obtained information and preparing to the upcoming events. Therefore, when encountering a familiar person, whom I have not seen for long, I am not too surprised and this sometimes surprises those who see me. There is no violation of the causality rule in this episode, as if our meeting did not take place for any reason, then I would not get a signal about it from the future. Most probably, most of our thoughts are just caused by the information that comes from the future, and a lot of energy is spent for its processing. But following the invisible processing, people usually take decisions almost without thinking, or rather even before thinking about it consciously [10]. Apparently, successful decisions, made unconsciously, without thinking of the situation, can be explained just by the fact that we have known about the problem in advance and had time to prepare for it. The way the brain cortex behaves generally depends on how neurons are grouped into chains and what stimulation they receive rather than on characteristics of genetic activity of various regions [13].

Figure. The signature to figure. the person, going on sidewalk, sees not closed hatch of the sewerage and had a foreboding of an attack from corner of house

The frequently observed phenomenon of extraordinary abilities such as clairvoyance, which occurs in people after cranial injuries, can be probably explained by the transition of large brain regions into the sleeping state. For example, Baba Vanga, a Bulgarian healer and prophetess, felt unusual abilities after she fell down from a great height, where she had been raised by a tornado. My father, after getting a head injury during the World War II, also became able to predict future events. The genius as a result of accidents arises, apparently, because activity in some sites of a brain decreases, and in others, on the contrary, amplifies [16]. Apparently, strong emotional charges can penetrate the brain not only during sleep, but also at the waking state, as ponto-geniculo-occipital (PGO) peaks can be caused by stimulation also at the time of wakefulness, both during “slow” and during “rapid” sleep [17]. Most likely, this information gets into the brain through eyes (Figure), which represent a “two in one” organ [18]. Neuron networks can provide the brain with an extremely high sensitivity to external stimuli, just as an amplifier attached to microphone can amplify the sound in a broad band [19].

Throughout my life I have repeatedly noticed that some of my relatives on distance can feel problems that other members of my family have faced. For example, when I was drowning in a diving suit, my mother, who lives a dozen of thousands of kilometers away from me, had a dream that she was carrying me out of the water in her hands. When my brother could not find a job for a year, I saw a dream, in which he was sad and realized that he had left me and quitted a high-paid job in vain. There are publications describing how mothers can experience labor pain right at the time when their daughters are delivering, and they exactly guess the sex of the newborn even without being at the place of birth [20].

In my life there was a case when I constantly think about one woman. Often met her on work and so some years proceeded. Eventually between us was arise of "telepathic" interrelation and we could "talk" at a great distance with each other. Somewhat I.P. Pavlova's experiments on conditioned reflex creation can explain this situation. Once, during such "conversation" near to me my wife was slept. After awakening she has described me appearance of the woman which she never saw, and has precisely retold contents of our "conversation". After that I have ceased to spend such " conversations" not to cause jealousy in my spouse. After arrival on that place where we in common worked with the “interlocutor”, on me ran such memoirs, that my” interlocutor” started them to feel and there and then came. These memoirs (the gushed feelings) reach for hundreds kilometres and get even under water. Does not rescue from them and a dry diving suit. I have checked up it on myself when worked as the diver and could not arrive on a meeting. When my “interlocutor” was going to have sex with the husband, I in a waist had an excitation centre, and during their sex in my waist blood started to pulse. I caught this "signal" for thousand kilometres from their bed. On these sensations I for many years knew about arrival of her husband from US. The later these sensations arose at me some time with other women whom I left. Certainly, after reception of such sensations I had corresponding thoughts. Once my wife has gone on a visit to the girlfriend and in the evening I have felt the excitation centre in a waist, but blood pushes was not. After return the wife has me told, that on a party arranged in honour of arrival, her invited to dance the unfamiliar man. I think, that these sensations at people it is possible to explain of quantum entangling or illusive long-range action, which A. Einstein are considered as the unpleasant fact [3]. Now quantum teleportation constantly updates records on an information transfer [21]. From these observation it is possible to make a conclusion that it is very dangerous to unfaithful the spouse and he can feel of unfaithful for thousand kilometres.

After I saw a scene in a dream once in the morning that came true in the evening, during the following 30 years I time after time thought about the physical nature of this phenomenon. Almost immediately I realized that this is a weak signal from the future, which had penetrated the brain, and a high conductivity of neurons is required for it to fix in the memory. Later on, I understood from the privated theory of relativity that information from the future can be obtained at the REM stage of sleep, when a person is not much different from a nonliving object [22]. And quantum mechanics substantiate that information can travel faster than the light velocity [23]. Thinking of the physical causes of the high conductivity of neurons took most of the time I spent for this problem. In the 1990s, I believed that the shape of the head contributes to the reduction of neurons’ resistance, because it was known that time that pyramids raise the temperature of the onset of superconductivity in conductors [24]. However, pyramidal or eggheads skulls occur less frequently than people with developed intuition do, and only by the age 60 (there is a 12-year cycle of creative activity) I got an insight: what if bones themselves are able to reduce the resistance to electric current in neurons? To test this idea, I bought a lower part of pig’s leg, cleaned it from meat and small bones thoroughly for a long time, and inserted a metal rod into its cavity. And then a miracle happened: the meter showed a lower resistance in the rod than the value prior to putting the rod inside the bone. However, bone is not the most promising coating for conductors. Almost immediately I remembered granules of bone glue, which I had stored since the 1990s. I set up simple experiments with these bone glue granules, and they showed that after iron-containing metallic conductors are coated with bone glue the resistance in them is reduced to zero. This allowed me to conclude that the skull bones protect the brain not only from injury, but also from electromagnetic waves that cause vibrations of ions in the axoplasm of neurons. These ion oscillations result in collisions with electrons, which increase resistance to electric current in neurons [5].

Nonliving objects do not need to sleep to get in the future, and thus it is necessary to create a video surveillance device to record the information from the future rather than current events, which are of little use. For this, all the conductive parts of the device should be made superconductors, i.e. covered with bone glue. In order to increase shock- and water-resistance of the coating, it should be also covered with rubber glue [5]. This device will capture emotional outbursts in living beings, and if equipped with a clock, it will be possible to know the time of the event that caused the outbursts. Sure, this information cannot prevent a crime, because the emotional outburst to be recorded by a surveillance device does not appear from nothing. Of course, this would be contrary to the rule of causality. However, reducing the consequences of the arising danger is possible, for example, by putting on an elastic bulletproof vest. After the devices to watch a future danger appear, various radio, TV, and Internet broadcasting companies will probably offer a program like “risk forecasts”. It will report in what area and what time a critical situation is likely to happen, and people going to that area that time are recommended to be adequately equipped.

Instead of detecting emotional outbursts in people dying in a vehicle, it is better to create a device which would generate emotional outburst itself upon a contact with water, smoke, or as a result of a sudden stop [22]. For this, it is probably necessary to determine frequencies that people emit in fear, for example, at the first parachute jumping. If a clock and GPS is placed at the video camera, the time and place of the accident may be known in advance. In order to minimize the consequences of the accident, it is better to change the type of journey of the vehicle from passenger to freight. Its crew should be provided with extra safety means, such as parachutes if aboard an aircraft. Higher survival guarantees will increase the inflow of those wanting to use high-speed vehicles. The devices that generate emotional outbursts after getting water in them can be used for reliable foretelling of the time of precipitates; and the devices sensitive to smoke would reliably predict the time of fire after placing them in a forest. These gauges become original continuation of nervous system of the person (sensor artificial limbs) [25].

The increase in the number of cases of headache in elderly people is probably associated with osteoporosis, which is the loss of density and strength of skull bone tissues. Loose bones already weaker protect the brain from electromagnetic waves that have a negative effect on blood vessels of the brain and on neurons’ conductivity, because oscillations of ions that the waves cause in the axoplasm of neurons impede the flow of electrons. Many people and my wife prevent headache by wearing a copper rim on the head, but in my opinion, the best protection against electromagnetic waves is a headdress coated with an electromagnetic wave insulator, such as bone glue covered with rubber glue from outside.

4. conclusion

The discussed materials enable us to make a conclusion that the physical laws of nature cover also our thoughts and actions, and our intuition and unconscious behavior were formed in the course of evolution to increase the probability of survival in hostile environments. In the expanded frameworks which were granted to us by the quantum physics, the behaviour of the person, probably, looks not such irrational as convince us of it evening news [26]. Knowledge of mechanism of extraordinary abilities of humans can be used to enhance their safety by creating devices that could capture emotional information from the future, record the time and place of its emergence and transmit it to consumers by using modern telecommunication means.


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