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Seasonal Appraisal of Heavy Metal Bioaccumulation in Amaranthus, Gruty-stalked Jatropha, Scent Leaf, Bitter Leaf and Water Leaf in Some Poultry Farms within the State of Osun, Southwest Nigeria

T. O. Ogunwale, J. A. O. Oyekunle, A. O. Ogunfowokan, A. I. Oluwalana

Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences. 2021, 9(5), 541-549 doi:10.12691/aees-9-5-5
  • Table 1. FAAS Measuring Stipulations, Limit of Detection and % Recovery for Heavy Metals in the Soil
  • Table 2. Mean Values of Heavy Metals in Poultry Farms Soil of the Area under Study for Dry and Wet Seasons (µg/g)
  • Table 3. Mean Heavy Metal Content (µg/g) in Vegetable Grown in Poultry Farms of the Study Sites Dry and Wet Seasons
  • Table 4. Mean Bioaccumulation Factor (BAF) of Heavy Metals from Soil to Vegetables taken at the Three Study Sites (Dry and Wet Seasons) (µg/g)
  • Table 5. Mean Enrichment Factor Contents in Soil
  • Table 6. Intermetal and Sampling Points Correlation