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Study of Eggshell as Precursor of a Heterogeneous Catalyst in One Step Neutralization and Transesterification Reactions of Acid Macauba and Soybean Oil

Gustavo P. dos Reis, Claudia Cristina Cardoso, Fabiana Pereira de Sousa, Vânya M. D. Pasa

Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences. 2019, 7(5), 168-175 doi:10.12691/aees-7-5-2
  • Figure 1. TGA and DTGA curves of the (A) Eggshell and (B) of the CaO-egg exposed to ambient conditions
  • Figure 2. TGA and DTGA curves of the CaO-egg exposed to ambient conditions.
  • Figure 3. SEM imagens of (a) Eggshell and (b) CaO-egg
  • Figure 4. Advance of transesterification of the neutral soybean oil using CaO-com and CaO-egg in different concentrations
  • Figure 5. Overlapping HPLC chromatograms of products of the transesterification of refined soybean oil with CaO-egg 3% over 4 h of reaction
  • Figure 6. Relationship between FAME content and acid value of the product of transesterification of doped soybean oil, in the presence of CaO-egg 3%