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Robust Lead Compensator Design for an Electromechanical Actuator Based on H∞ Theory

Rafik Salloum, Mohammad Reza Arvan, Bijan Moaveni

Automatic Control and Information Sciences. 2014, 2(3), 53-58 doi:10.12691/acis-2-3-2
  • Figure 1. EMA harmonic drive scheme
  • Figure 2. Measured data and identified model for the EMA harmonic drive system
  • Figure 3. EMA system in H framework
  • Figure 4. Uncertainty and weighting function frequency responses; simulation
  • Figure 5. Closed loop sensitivity, complementary sensitivity, robustness and performance functions with Hcontroller; simulation
  • Figure 6. H controller and the reduced one; simulation
  • Figure 7. Designed compensator circuit
  • Figure 8. Step responses of nominal and uncertain closed loop EMA with the derived lead compensator; simulation
  • Figure 9. Closed loop frequency response for nominal and uncertain EMA with the lead compensator; simulation
  • Figure 10. Control signals with H controller and the derived lead compensator; simulation
  • Figure 11. Measured step for original and robust EMA systems; experiment